BEER-MONEY´s Terms of use.

These Terms of use “terms” from now on, regulate the use and access of the website”website” and the associated content, software, social
networks and Web or mobile applications collectively called “Service”.
The following terms set forth all information on the legal rights of users,
responsibilities of Beer Money and third parties, exemptions of guarantees and
submission of complaints or claims to competent authorities. Upon accessing the
website or using the user’s service from now on “you”, you agree to comply with the
terms published by the site irrevocably. You may not use the site or service without
first accepting the terms set forth herein.

You acknowledge that you have read the offer of tokens offered by the site, terms and
conditions thereof, which comprises the risks of the contribution and requested the
relevant advice from your financial consultant to do so.


To access or use the service, the user must be over 18 years old and create a
personal, non-transferable, non-commercial account. Beer Money reserves the right
to cancel or suspend the account without notice for breach of the terms set forth
During registration, you will be asked to provide contact information, referring to
name, email and contact number, information that may be completed with other data
after registration.
At the time of creating your account, you guarantee that:
· It will not provide false personal information or supplant the identity of another
· It will not create more than one personal account.
· Once the registration has been made, it will keep its information accurate and
· You will not share your password, not allow anyone else to access your account,
or jeopardise the security of your account.
You are responsible for protecting the password that you use to access the service
and for any activity or action that requires entering your password.
If there is unauthorised access to your account or there is a breach of security you
must notify Beer Money immediately.

User verification

The identification and verification procedures also are known as ‘ Know your
customer ‘ or ‘ KYC ‘ are mandatory for all transactions. If the user refuses to provide
documents and information required under KYC, Beer Money reserves the right to
terminate the provision of the services to the user immediately.
The user agrees to provide Beer Money with the correct and relevant documents and
the personal information contained therein.
If you provide counterfeit documents and false personal information, such behaviour
will be construed as non-compliance with these Terms and conditions, so Beer Money
denies your access to the site and service.

The user at this moment authorises Beer Money direct to make any queries it deems
necessary to verify the relevance and accuracy of the information provided for
verification purposes.

Personal information should be in accordance with Beer Money’s privacy policy,
which can be consulted at click on terms in conditions.

Site and Services

You acknowledge and accept solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining all
telecommunications, broadband and hardware, equipment, software and services
necessary to access and use the site and service and to pay all related charges.
Beer Money does not warrant that access to, and use of the site and service is
uninterrupted or error-free. The site and service may be expanded, modified or limited
by Beer Money at any time to meet the needs of its users or for technical reasons
without prior notice.

Beer Money may, at any time, at its sole discretion, terminate the provision of the
temporary or permanent service of all or part of the site or service without prior
notice. Beer Money will not be required to notify you of any corrections or changes
in the content of the site or the service.

No Investment advice

The does not provide individual, or customised legal,
financial or investment services, nothing on the site and service constitutes
investment advice or a request to purchase, maintain, invest, or own beer money
Tokens You decide at your own risk the contribution to be made.

Property rights

You acknowledge that the service has been prepared, developed, compiled,
reviewed, selected, organised and published by beer money or by third parties
previously authorised by beer money, which involve an investment of time, effort
and money thus Beer Money owns it.
The site and service with all its content are for your personal, informative and noncommercial
use. You must not reproduce, reprint, post, modify, distribute, display,
transmit, license, transfer or otherwise exploit the content or technology of the site
and service without the written consent of Beer Money.

Accuracy of information

Beer Money will take the necessary measures to guarantee the reliability of the
information provided on the website, although it assumes no
responsibility for missing or incorrect information. The content the website is
published for informational purposes, and the user will use this information at his
own risk.
Beer Money or authorized third parties may provide the contents published on the
site or the service. Beer Money will not be liable for errors, omissions or
inaccuracies in the content of the site or the service.
The information provided on the site is not exhaustive or appropriate for each, the
published information is relevant only in certain parts of the world, and may not be
relevant or comply with the laws, regulations or other legal requirements of other
You must verify any information before using it for personal, financial, economic,
commercial, academic or another purpose. The opinions expressed in any Blog
post of the site are exclusive to the author (s) of the article and do not reflect the
intentions of Beer Money.

Prohibited activities

When you are using the website or the service you will be prohibited from
performing any of the following actions:
· Copying, modifying or creating works derived from the service or any
· Copy, manipulate or add any content (including data) to make it available to
a third party;
· Commercialize, sell, rent, loan, lease any content or access to the service.
· Use or enter into the service any data extraction, tracing, “theft”, robot or
similar method of collection or extraction of data.
· Manually access, acquire, monitor or copy any part of the service, download
or store content unless expressly authorised by Beer Money.
· Make requests or adopt measures that interfere with, interrupt or place an
excessive and undue burden on the service or any server or network
connected to the service, or carry out any action aimed at adversely affecting
the functionality, quality or Availability of any website or service content.
· Introduce a virus, Trojan horse, worm, time bomb, or other malware into the
service, or use any device, software, or routine to circumvent any software or
hardware that prohibits the volume of information requests.
· To violate or avoid any security measures intended to restrict or prevent
access to the website or service; or attempt to obtain unauthorized access to
the service, any content, or any computer system or network connected to
the service or any Beer Money server, either through piracy, password
extraction, unauthorized password use/ Credentials of another person or by
any other means.
· Restrict, inhibit or interfere with the use of the service by any other user
(including hacking or disfiguring the website).
· Introduce or distribute through the Website any software that damages,
interferes, intercepts, collects, divulges any system, information or personal
information of Beer Money or a third party.
· Use the Website, the service and its content to carry out, manage or mediate
in any illicit or illegal activity.


Beer Money may terminate or suspend access to the Service site immediately,
without prior notice or liability, for any reason, including, but not limited to, the
breaches of these terms.
All provisions of the terms which, by their nature, should remain in force after
termination, shall remain in force, including, but not limited to, property provisions,
warranty waivers, compensation and limitations of Responsibility.