We started the month of June in an eventful note, after the successful launch of physical product, we then focus on marketing; pushing out our physical product to retail customers and clients

These are June highlights with Beermoney 🍻


We’re working endlessly in getting our BEP-20 tokens listed on BinanceSmartChain Dex, we had made the preparations, however this fulfillment will come later in the month of July.

We’re happy to also announce, we’re working with several Centralized exchanges, our aim is to get BeerMoney tokens into several exchanges as possible. google sketchup 2016 free download with crack


We’re excited to partner with KephiGallery

In this new alliance, Kephi Gallery has partnered up with Beermoney to exchange their strategic visions and encourage their communities to interact.

Nicolás Verderosa, CEO of Kephi Gallery, stated that:

This partnership with Beer Money is very exciting for us! Our communities interacting and sharing experiences will allow both projects to grow. And why not, even have a beer together?
The interaction between Kephi and the Beer Money communities will be a mutually benefit

Kephi Gallery means to bring the NFT ecosystem so that every artists can mint their tokens regardless their economical or technological background. There will be no need for invitations and no restrictive fees, anyone with a KardiaChain wallet extension will be able to create, buy and sell NFTs.

Beer Money will have its own collection featured on Kephi Gallery and the artists their team chooses will be able to display their art there and get better exposure. easyworship 6 activation product key


We have had tremendous success in reaching to some venture companies and capitals across the globe, who will energize the wheel of the project, towards a fast growth success.

Our dear CEO Javier, had made some conclusive arrangements, more details will be released in upcoming month iobit malware fighter 6.3 key


We celebrated all fathers in our Community, thank you for being there with us


500000 Beers burned

New supply total
The new supply is 359000000 verifiable in the explorer

BSC: 40.000.000 tokens
Take NOTE :
Next burning date: July 30 🍻

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